Survey reveals professionals “unclear about proper cleaning / disinfecting procedures”

as published in The Cleanzine on April 5, 2012 An incredible 68% of respondents to P&G Professional's recent 'Cleaning & Disinfecting Clarity' survey indicated that they believe that to clean and disinfect a surface, you have twice as much work on your hands. In other words, cleaning and disinfecting are two separate tasks. This finding [...]

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There’s no such thing as a “green” disinfectant, says the EPA

There's no such thing as a "green" disinfectant, according to the EPA. Disinfectants are designed to kill and so do not meet "green" expectations. Except for the EPA-established TANCS system used exclusively in the Advanced Vapor Technologies Ladybug...the only EPA-recognized disinfection device to date and which meets both the EPA standards for disinfection AND all [...]

FAQs: The Modern Cleaning™ Cleaner, Safer, Greener™ Chemical Free Cleaning Program

What!? You thought all ISE did was teach the HCT certification class? Really? The Institute for Service Excellence is “redefining excellence in the cleaning industry,” and to do that, ISE is dedicated to bringing unique programs to enable the industry to grow. One of the most fascinating areas of growth—in just about any industry—is that [...]

Environmentally Friendly … To Whom?

Posted January 13, 2012 Editor's note: This piece originally appeared in the Vendor Viewpoint column in the January 2012 issue of ICT. By P. Richard Warburton, PhD, JD Marketing trends follow social trends; the language of the marketers is shaped to appeal to the popular interest. Awareness has grown in recent decades about the influence [...]

See “Clean” Differently Today—without seeing at all

Today is January 4, 2012 ~ World Braille Day. We bring this up because we want you to think about what “clean” means to a person who can’t see, who can’t do that white glove test for dust and dirt. Instead, think about what “clean” means to a person who can only smell, taste, feel, [...]

Water pollution caused by cosmetic chemicals, cleaning supplies and plastics

Sources of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals in San Francisco Bay Published July 11, 2007 Water pollution caused by cosmetic chemicals, cleaning supplies and plastics 95 Percent of Wastewater Samples Show Widespread Use of Chemicals Advances in technology allow an unprecedented look at chemical contaminants in water bodies throughout the United States. In 2002, the first nationwide study [...]

Measuring the effect of enhanced cleaning in a UK hospital: a prospective cross-over study

Stephanie J Dancer1,2 , Liza F White2 , Jim Lamb2 , E Kirsty Girvan3  and Chris Robertson4  1 Department of Microbiology, Hairmyres Hospital, Eaglesham Road, East Kilbride, UK 2 Department of Microbiology, Southern General Hospital, Govan Road, Glasgow, UK 3 Scottish MRSA Reference Laboratory, Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, UK 4 Department of Statistics & Modelling Science, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK  author email corresponding author email BMC Medicine 2009, 7:28doi:10.1186/1741-7015-7-28 The [...]

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