Today is January 4, 2012 ~ World Braille Day.

We bring this up because we want you to think about what “clean” means to a person who can’t see, who can’t do that white glove test for dust and dirt.

Instead, think about what “clean” means to a person who can only smell, taste, feel, and hear “clean.”

Think of what your eyes can’t see but what your nose can smell ~ like odor-causing bacteria lingering in kitchen sinks and drains or in that mattress you haven’t freshened or turned in over a year.

Think of what your tongue can taste ~ like the lingering dust in the air that was simply disturbed rather than removed.

Think of what your hands can feel ~ like the sticky or chalky residue of cleaners on your bathroom sink.

And if you dare, think of what you can taste ~ like the film of cleaning or disinfecting spray on your child’s toys…which always end up in their mouths.

These are just some of the reasons why you can’t trust your eyes when it comes to knowing if your home is actually clean:

  • you can’t see bacteria
  • you can’t see half of the dust floating in the air
  • you can’t see the thin film of residue left even after thorough rinsing
  • you can’t see the poisonous pesticides used in disinfectants

When you or your cleaner uses chemicals—even green, natural, or organic ones—this stuff is still there when you’re all done. Your home may look clean, but all you’ve really done is replace one contaminant with another.

As we stop today to think about how we would judge clean in a world without sight, think about what it would mean to have a TRULY Chemical Free Clean home:

  • 100% FDA-grade tap water
  • an EPA-recognized sanitizer
  • an EPA-recognized disinfecting tool
  • superior antimicrobial cloths
  • 4-level filtration cyclonic vacuum

With this collection of tools and Modern Cleaning’s pioneering Chemical Free Cleaning Methodology, we don’t just say we can remove more soil, dirt, grease (the stuff you can see) and more germs and bacteria (the stuff you can’t see), we can prove it—showing you before and after microbial measurements on nearly any surface in your home.

So the next time you start to clean your home or the next time you are shopping for a home cleaning company, take the time to “see” your home through all of your senses.

“Clean” is as much about what you can see as what you can’t see when you’re done!