Deionized (DI) Water

Water designed to “crave” dirt!

Deionized Water Kit from Modern CleaningModern Cleaning has recently added Deionized Water and a processing unit to our tested methods of chemical free cleaning and to our store. Deionized water has been processed through a filter that removes nearly 100% of all elements other than the hydrogen and oxygen that form the water molecule. But water isn’t very happy in that state; it wants more “friends” in the form of the minerals found in dirt and organic soils and contaminants.

You might say that Deionized Water becomes the life of the party, drawing all of the other minerals and elements into the fun!

Deionized Water VideoIn this way, Deionized Water is an excellent cleaning solution for the many areas where sanitizing and disinfecting aren’t necessary or desired: windows, mirrors, table tops, baseboards, window sills, floors, and more!

Read more about Deionized (DI) Water in these resources, which address the regulations affecting the cleaning industry, examine the effectiveness of this physical process on removing soil, and illuminate the increasingly important sustainability concerns related to professional residential cleaning:

     Though OSHA does not directly address labeling requirements for Deionized Water, Modern Cleaning follows the recommendation of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation: Though labeling is not required for containers of non-hazardous materials (e.g., deionized water), listing the material identity on the container is recommended to avoid confusion among research and other personnel.

As we gather reputable resources to help explain and validate Deionized Water as a cleaning agent, we will share those sources with you here.