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Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Program

Our Experience

We got our start in the residential cleaning industry. Since 1994, we have performed over a quarter million home cleanings. We knew early on that technology would help us grow our business.  Looking back, it’s kind of ironic that the one area of our business that was relatively untouched by technology was the way we cleaned. While technology had changed almost every facet of our lives, we still cleaned the way our grandmothers did. We believed there was a better way.

We started our journey by researching how technology was being used to clean. We quickly learned that it’s easy for manufacturers to make claims, whether substantiated or not.  Since almost all of the information available on cleaning technology was coming from the manufacturers of cleaning products, we knew that the only way to find the better way was to evaluate these tools ourselves.

We have had the opportunity to evaluate just about every cleaning product to hit the market, with a focus on efficiency, low environmental impact cleaning, measurable end results, and value. We’ve tested out a number of “natural” cleaning solutions, such as lemon juice and baking soda, and found this approach doesn’t effectively remove soil or kill germs. We tried a number of “green” chemicals and found that for commercial cleaning, where janitors clean seven nights a week, these chemicals worked fine, but in a home environment, where cleanings are performed less frequently, these “green” cleaners weren’t up to the task. We found that the chemicals that cleaned the best were the ones that would make you cough and your eyes water, and while there is still some debate on the adverse health effects of chemical cleaners, we knew we didn’t want to be exposed to such fumes on a daily basis, or have our cleaning technicians and clients exposed.

After years of research and evaluation, we now have the foundation of a chemical free cleaning system that we stand behind and recommend. These tools complement each other, and when used together provide a thorough, sanitary, and eco-friendly result while greatly restricting the use of any chemical cleaning agents. We will continue to research and offer a healthy and beneficial evolution to the process of cleaning as we all know it.

Cleaner, Safer, Greener

We Know What Works Without Having to Compromise

Performance, speed, health and environment are all important when it comes to cleaning your home.  Most cleaning techniques meet some of these needs but often at the expense of others.

We sell high performance, low impact cleaning equipment for the home. We know how to use them, for we have been cleaning chemical free since 2008. More importantly, we can teach you how to use these tools in a system to create a cleaner, safer, and greener living environment for you and those you love.

How can adopting a chemical free cleaning process or updating to chemical free cleaning equipment help your family?

Breathe Easier in Your Home

Eliminating toxic pollutants and chemical residue improves indoor air quality, which greatly benefits children, pets, and people with allergies.

Lower Children’s Exposure

Household chemical cleaning substances are the second most common reason for children’s exposure to poison.

Healthy Cleaning, Healthy Living

Chemical cleaning products only disinfect and sanitize if used according to instructions, and if not used properly will not kill germs and bacteria on your home surfaces.

Maximum Value with Minimum Effort

State-of-the-art equipment uses the latest advancements in science and technology to provide results that are cleaner, safer, and greener than traditional chemical cleaning products.

Partnership with an Industry Innovator

Modern Cleaning is more than a storefront for equipment. We offer support, training, and an ongoing relationship to ensure maximum value from a chemical free cleaning system.

Our Products


PerfectCLEAN® high performance materials are knitted with the highest quality conjugated (splittable) micro-denier filaments which are made to our specification. These microscopic fibers are produced by a complex manufacturing process involving hundreds of variables that splits a polyester-polyamide conjugated filament (bicomponent) resulting in from 9 to 16 microscopic fibers. These “split” filaments achieve an individual fiber size of approximately 4-6 microns (bacteria range from 2 – 8 microns).

The microscopic size combined with the high percentage of fiber used dramatically increases the surface area of the finished material. For example, there is 300+ miles of fiber in a PerfectCLEAN (12” X 12”) wiper. The PerfectCLEAN knitting process is proprietary and is easily understood when comparing microfiber products side-by-side. PerfectCLEAN results in a high quality product with unrivaled performance, durability (hundreds of washes/uses), they are snag-free, and lint-free (particulate release) and PerfectCLEAN is the only product patented with “built-in antimicrobial protection.”


In 2009, Emerson, a diversified global manufacturing and technology company, acquired ProTeam, and the legacy of innovation and Cleaning for Health continued with the Next Generation of backpack vacuums, the Super Coach Pro®.

Today, ProTeam offers a wide range of innovative vacuums designed to tackle every cleaning situation while improving Indoor Air Quality, including canisters, uprights, wet/dry vacuums, cordless solutions and the world’s best-selling backpacks.

The efficient soil removal and cleaning speed of a ProTeam backpack allows you to double vacuuming productivity. A ProTeam backpack vacuum is:

  • 43% more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum
  • 30% more efficient than a canister
  • 52% faster than a dust mop

Dry Steam Vapor

Yes, we really can use “dry” and “steam” in the same sentence! Heat is the most scientifically validated method of disinfection, and steam is the most convenient way of getting heat into all of the nooks and crannies where dirt, germs, and bacteria collect. But the “wetness” of steam makes it risky to use on many natural and manufactured surfaces in homes.

That’s why the innovation of DRY steam vapor is so important! With 5-7% moisture content in the steam, there’s often less water in contact with surfaces than with a common spray cleaner or mopping solution.

But beyond that, the development of TANCS® enables dry steam vapor to be an amazing and EPA-established disinfection device. TANCS stands for Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation and is a proprietary technology of Advanced Vapor Technologies using the naturally occurring minerals in tap water to form crystals that break through biofilms in seconds, not minutes!

Engineered Water

Tersano, the owner of the Lotus®Pro technology, shares publicly the results of their various laboratory testing to emphasize the difference between claiming to meet EPA guidelines for sanitization and actually submitting itself for formal EPA review and verification: