What!? You thought all ISE did was teach the HCT certification class? Really?

MC200pixlwide-updatedThe Institute for Service Excellence is “redefining excellence in the cleaning industry,” and to do that, ISE is dedicated to bringing unique programs to enable the industry to grow. One of the most fascinating areas of growth—in just about any industry—is that of sustainability, which we often see through “green” programs. Well, the Modern Cleaning™ Cleaner, Safer, Greener™ Chemical Free Cleaning Program is as green as it gets. For three years now, this cleaning methodology has been used successfully as the key competitive advantage at Castle Keepers of Charleston. Through this program, you can skip the trial-and-error phase of creating a new process and access the business, training, marketing, and operational keys to implement chemical free cleaning as a service option in your market.

So we’ve taken the time to present the most commonly asked (and answered!) questions to help you better plan your investment in your business, your staff, your customers, and your company with the Modern Cleaning™ Cleaner, Safer, Greener™ Chemical Free Cleaning Program.

Q: What do I have to do to bring Chemical Free Cleaning to my customers?

A: There are two ways you could approach this.

One: you could do the research, check and re-check the science, verify all of the claims made by the many chemical free cleaning products and tools available, and then figure out how CFC compares to your current cleaning process to develop a technician training program.

Or Two: you can skip those steps and benefit from Modern Cleaning’s work by taking two classes, passing one exam, and licensing the training materials already successfully in use.

Q: Why would I want to change the way I clean to Chemical Free Cleaning?

A: First, we don’t think there is anything necessarily wrong with your current way of cleaning your clients’ homes; as professionals, we all know to train our cleaners well, follow the instructions of each cleaner exactly and completely, provide our employees with personal protective equipment, and follow up with the client to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding expectations.

But for a growing population of consumers, that’s just not enough. Clients have many reasons for demanding proof of the level of clean you claim…and more than the white glove test. These are generally clients who have a very real and sometimes life-or-death reason to demand that chemicals not be used because of severe allergic reactions or heightened sensitivities due to medical conditions or treatments. Other clients may become strong advocates for reducing their chemical exposures as much as possible, holding a philosophy that unless a chemical or substance is necessary to foster life and health, it is unnecessary. This client market is growing and demanding services that meet their needs…and at a premium price.

You can be the Chemical Free Cleaning leader in your market for these clients!

Q: I already clean chemical free and use all-natural and organic cleaners. Why should I take any of the Chemical Free Cleaning Classes?

A: The science—biology, chemistry, and physics—that underlies cleaning is the same regardless of your company’s preferred cleaners or cleaning methodology. But “chemical free” is NOT the same as green, natural, organic, or eco-friendly cleaning, which all apply an additional solution (chemical) to effect cleaning. Rather, it is the combination of regular H2O and energy (physics) to both clean and sanitize/disinfect in one step, which other cleaning methods cannot claim.

CFC is Cleaner ~ never adding to the contaminants; only removing.

CFC is Safer ~ free of even naturally occurring chemicals that can still be harmful to children, pets, and those with respiratory and auto-immune conditions

CFC is Greener ~ the use and maintenance of equipment rather than products that must be restocked reduces waste and pollution attributable to chemical manufacturing, packaging, and transportation (oil and gas); in addition, the equipment uses less water, introduces no contaminants into the water system or natural environment, and even in a commercial enterprise uses an insignificant amount of electricity (baseline only).

Q: Is the CFC program a Clean Trust certification?

A: The CFC program—both classes—are Clean Trust-approved Continuing Education Credits (CECs); both classes qualify as two (2) CECs each.

Q: Can I (the owner) be trained through the CFC program and then train my own staff?

A: Yes! That’s exactly what this program is designed to do: enable the business owner and perhaps key management staff to implement chemical free cleaning on their own terms!

Q: Can I (the owner) be trained through the CFC program and then train staff for companies I don’t own?

A: With the knowledge that underlies the chemical free cleaning methodology, anyone can teach the actual cleaning program, but without the real-world experience implementing the business model that supports it, the cleaning program training is only a small piece of the CFC equation. In addition, use of the licensed materials in this manner is prohibited, and those trained would not be able to access the examination nor be recognized publicly as having completed CFC training at their place of employment.

Q: Who at my company should attend the different CFC classes?

A: The CFC program is designed for business owners and management staff, so the two classes have a potentially different target students:

CFC Business Management is designed for the person in the business who has the most responsibility for and face time with EVERY aspect of the business; typically in our industry, this is the owner, but in some cases this may be the “operator” or general manager.

CFC Instructor Training is designed for the main training and/or supervisor who is or will be responsible for the classroom education and field training in the chemical free cleaning methodology. This person is an employee of your company in whom you place great trust and responsibility for the execution of a successful cleaning by all of your technicians; s/he may also be responsible for field supervision, corrective instruction, and/or inspection.

In some cases, particularly at still-small companies, the same person may hold all of these responsibilities and be the appropriate person to attend both classes.

Q: What happens if I or my employee does not pass the CFC examination?

A: If a student fails the CFC Technician exam, the student will have ninety (90) days to re-take the entire exam. Once the ninety days have expired, the student will have to repeat the training program provided by the Modern Cleaning-endorsed CFC Instructor at his/her company of employment; that instructor will be responsible for notifying Modern Cleaning of the repeated training and new examination attempt.

Q: Can I call my cleaning method “Chemical Free Cleaning”?

A: Yes. Since CFC is a methodology, a process, it cannot actually be patented. However, both the name “Modern Cleaning” and the phrase “Cleaner, Safer, Greener” are trademarked and may not be used without penalty.

Q: Will you be offering the CFC classes online?

A: Developing portions of the program for online delivery and evaluation is a long-term goal.

Q: Does using the CFC Instructor Training Kit and License require us to use certain products or equipment?

A: No. Since the development of the Modern Cleaning™ Cleaner, Safer, Greener™ Chemical Free Cleaning methodology, new products and equipment featuring similar cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting results have entered the market.

ladybug 2300 copyHowever, in one specific area, Modern Cleaning™ holds firm that only dry steam vapor equipment using TANCS® technology is acceptable in a chemical free cleaning application; TANCS® remains the only EPA-recognized disinfecting system for dry steam vapor systems, meaning it has met multiple 3rd party verifications of its 99.99% germ and bacteria killing success.

Q: Do I have to renew my CFC-Instructor Training or my Training Kit and License?

A: A Certificate of Instructor Training is awarded after successful completion of the CFC-Instructor Training course and is accompanied by Modern Cleaning’s endorsement of that individual to provide training to employees of his/her company; the certificate may be renewed annually for $10 as long as the instructor is employed by a business location holding a valid site license and the instructor has met the Continuing Education Credit requirement.

The Training Kit and License is valid for two years and thereafter renewable bi-annually for $100, provided the licensed location retains at least one person holding an active Certificate of Instructor Training.

Q: When will you have a CFC course in my town/country?

A: Since the Modern Cleaning™ Cleaner, Safer, Greener™ Chemical Free Cleaning Program meets a still-small but growing niche market, most of the training will be conducted at the Castle Keepers Headquarters and Training Facility in Charleston, SC. This allows business owners and prospective trainers to tour the facility and physically see all aspects of implementing chemical free cleaning in person.

If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please contact us at Mail@ISEToday.com, and we will respond both directly and with additional information on our website as appropriate.