Tomorrow’s Cleaning: Hygiene is best served by paper towels

When I took my 4-year-old to see Puss in Boots this weekend, just as the movie itself was starting, she announced she had to go to the bathroom. So down the stairs and to the bathroom we went.

As we entered, there were two ladies walking around with wet hands, looking for the paper towel dispenser before committing to the hand dryers in the theatre restroom. It was then that my little girl says, “we’ll wash hands, but not the dryer; I’m scared of the dryer.”

It’s a common enough fear since the dryers are loud and sometimes quite hot, but I also know that wet hands—even following a thorough washing—are prime breeding ground for new bacteria and germs. I ALWAYS find a way to dry hands in the bathroom.

But a recently published study suggests that paper towels, though more costly and a constant clean-up hassle, are more effective at reducing bacteria and germs not only on your own hands but also lowering the risk of cross contamination. See for yourself!

Hygiene is best served by paper towels

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