Great Inventions: Vacuum Cleaner, Dishwasher and Other Household Cleaning Devices

October 12, 2010 by Lindsey Chapman Housework: it’s not the most exciting part of a person’s day, but fortunately it’s not as hard to accomplish as it used to be. FindingDulcinea examines some of the inventions that have helped make household chores a breeze. The Dishwasher As society has gotten progressively busier, the time people have [...]

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The Health & Wellness Benefits of Housework

The Health & Wellness Benefits of Housework (Including Preventing Breast Cancer According to New Study!) by There's more to housework than just keeping your home clean. As it turns out, housework may benefit your physical health in a variety of ways ... excellent motivation to tidy up! Roll up those sleeves and grab a sponge, [...]

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Tough Questions about DISINFECTANTS Answered: FAQs about an often misunderstood product category

Tough Questions About Disinfectants Answered FAQs about an often misunderstood product category. By Allen Rathey, Healthy House Institute In an era of H1N1 (swine flu), MRSA and other contagious illnesses that can be transmitted environmentally, and directly or indirectly by surfaces, disinfectants clearly have a place in our clean-for-health toolbox. Still, the use of disinfectants presents [...]

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