2012 EWG HALL OF SHAME: Is Your Favorite Cleaner on This List?

Environmental Working Group has made it its mission to bust open the secrecy of the chemical cleaning product industry: “ingredient labels are mandatory for food, cosmetics and drugs—but not for cleaners.” EWG recently released a preview of its upcoming EWG Cleaners Database, revealing shocking information about a number of the most common and most popular [...]

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Only 44 percent of American consumers trust companies’ green claims

So you think it’s the right marketing or philosophical choice to be a “green” cleaning company, but how do you know that the “green” products you use are effective at actually cleaning—removing contaminants? proven disinfectants—killing and/or removing 99.9% of specific bacteria and germs (keep in mind that the EPA will not register a disinfectant calling [...]

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