The UK contract cleaning market

Okay, so maybe you don’t care so much what happens across the pond, but since they share our suffering in a recession, we wanted to see what we could learn from their experience. These are a few of the take-aways we value in this article: General Trends increased emphasis on products/processes that value the environment [...]

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Measuring the effect of enhanced cleaning in a UK hospital: a prospective cross-over study

Stephanie J Dancer1,2 , Liza F White2 , Jim Lamb2 , E Kirsty Girvan3  and Chris Robertson4  1 Department of Microbiology, Hairmyres Hospital, Eaglesham Road, East Kilbride, UK 2 Department of Microbiology, Southern General Hospital, Govan Road, Glasgow, UK 3 Scottish MRSA Reference Laboratory, Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, UK 4 Department of Statistics & Modelling Science, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK  author email corresponding author email BMC Medicine 2009, 7:28doi:10.1186/1741-7015-7-28 The [...]

Gas Pumps Among the Dirtiest Surfaces, study reveals

posted approx. October 19, 2011 Just in time for cold and flu season, new testing in six major U.S. cities reveals that gas pump and mailbox handles may be among the dirtiest surfaces Americans touch. The results, released today by Kimberly-Clark Professional, show that more than 60 percent of gas pump and mailbox handles and [...]

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Common Bacteria and Viruses which Hygienic Chemical Free Cleaning can Mitigate

Since “clean” now goes beyond simply removing dirt, it is critical that cleaning business owners and technicians know what they are really getting into. And this means a mini-biology lesson. In Chapter One: Of Men and Microbes of Modern Cleaning: The Evolution of Chemical Free Cleaning, the authors do just that—give a little biology review of [...]

Bed Bugs Are Back…

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Bedbugs (Hemiptera Cimicidae) were a common problem prior to World War II and the widespread use of high residual pesticides such as DDT made them extinct in North America.  Now after a 50-year absence these unpleasant pests have made a comeback. [...]

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Science Class Complaints: when am I ever going to use this stuff?

As our friend Janice Stewart (owner of Castle Keepers of Charleston) is packing up to head to the CIRI Conference in Atlanta, we thought it fitting to remind you of why you had to take all of those science and chemistry classes from high school and college and especially how that knowledge is part of [...]

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