The Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo is on the horizon

CFCN ExpoDAVIE, FL — The six billion pounds of artificial cleaning chemicals dumped into our environment every year can be minimized or completely eliminated, according to a press release.

Vince Elliott, a leading cleaning industry consultant, was so motivated by the innovative technologies, which allow thorough sanitation of commercial, institutional and residential buildings without resorting to potentially toxic cleaning chemicals, that he decided to collaborate with Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in presenting the first Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo, the release stated.

“Science is moving above and beyond ‘green’ or ‘natural’ products with advancements that clean without the use of any chemicals, natural or otherwise,” Vince Elliott stated.

“Around the world, companies and individuals are investing in a variety of tools and products that make quick work of cleaning in innovative ways. From applying electricity to everyday water to a seemingly simple piece of cloth, and even to utilizing the power of the sun or plants, innumerable new advances are making it ever easier to live chemical-free,” Elliott added.

According to the release, the Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, will introduce guests to the entire spectrum of the new technologies that enable building sanitation to be achieved with plain tap water and science, effectively eliminating toxic chemicals and their residues from our indoor environments.

Show highlights will include:

  • Panel discussions and presentations from industry leaders and innovators
  • Chemical-free cleaning exhibitors and presentations
  • Hands-on demonstrations of chemical-free cleaning products, equipment and systems.

For a full schedule and to register for the event, click here.

Click here to read the complete release.

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