In praise of germs: Why common bugs are necessary for kids

It may seem like we are contradicting ourselves by sharing this article, but, in fact, we completely agree that our bodies require contact with both health-empowering bacteria (like the flora needed for digestion) and immune-building bacteria…the stuff that makes us sick for a little while but stronger in the long run. In general, we agree [...]

Liquid ozone offers sustainable, economical cleaning solution in Housing

Liquid ozone is one of the potentially more viable chemical free (or water only) cleaning options. Since the folding of Activeion Cleaning Solutions in late April 2012, more attention has been given to some of the alternative water-only cleaning solutions where either the science was not available or the delivery mechanism (i.e., the spray bottle) [...]

Only 44 percent of American consumers trust companies’ green claims

So you think it’s the right marketing or philosophical choice to be a “green” cleaning company, but how do you know that the “green” products you use are effective at actually cleaning—removing contaminants? proven disinfectants—killing and/or removing 99.9% of specific bacteria and germs (keep in mind that the EPA will not register a disinfectant calling [...]

There’s no such thing as a “green” disinfectant, says the EPA

There's no such thing as a "green" disinfectant, according to the EPA. Disinfectants are designed to kill and so do not meet "green" expectations. Except for the EPA-established TANCS system used exclusively in the Advanced Vapor Technologies Ladybug...the only EPA-recognized disinfection device to date and which meets both the EPA standards for disinfection AND all [...]

FAQs: The Modern Cleaning™ Cleaner, Safer, Greener™ Chemical Free Cleaning Program

What!? You thought all ISE did was teach the HCT certification class? Really? The Institute for Service Excellence is “redefining excellence in the cleaning industry,” and to do that, ISE is dedicated to bringing unique programs to enable the industry to grow. One of the most fascinating areas of growth—in just about any industry—is that [...]

What Does Your Restroom Say About Your Business (from the Green in Hygiene)

What Does Your Restroom Say About Your Business? by GreenInHygiene on January 6, 2012 As the economy has been in a slump these past few years, businesses have tried just about everything they can think of to keep bringing customers and clients in their doors. With 2012 being considered the year for a rise in sustainability and [...]

See “Clean” Differently Today—without seeing at all

Today is January 4, 2012 ~ World Braille Day. We bring this up because we want you to think about what “clean” means to a person who can’t see, who can’t do that white glove test for dust and dirt. Instead, think about what “clean” means to a person who can only smell, taste, feel, [...]

The Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo is on the horizon

The Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo is on the horizon DAVIE, FL — The six billion pounds of artificial cleaning chemicals dumped into our environment every year can be minimized or completely eliminated, according to a press release. Vince Elliott, a leading cleaning industry consultant, was so motivated by the innovative technologies, which allow thorough sanitation of commercial, [...]

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