Which Household Cleaners Contain Toxins? ALERT: Article Names Specific Products!

—By Jaeah Lee | Thu Nov. 17, 2011 9:19 AM PST Next time you walk down the cleaning product aisle at your local grocery store, take a closer look at those pretty labels wrapped around your favorite surface disinfectant. A new study out today reveals that numerous popular cleaner brands, including Glade, Clorox, Pine Sol, and the ostensibly [...]

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Beating Superbugs with a High-Tech Cleanser

As detailed in the article below, a microbiologist has created a microbial solution that can change the genetic make-up of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to make them sensitive (and more easily killable with regular antibiotics again. While this is great news for the healthcare industry, the environmental and infectious disease control aspect becomes more complicated. The formula [...]

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The Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo is on the horizon

The Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo is on the horizon DAVIE, FL — The six billion pounds of artificial cleaning chemicals dumped into our environment every year can be minimized or completely eliminated, according to a press release. Vince Elliott, a leading cleaning industry consultant, was so motivated by the innovative technologies, which allow thorough sanitation of commercial, [...]

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A White Glove Inspection for the Invisible–Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM)

By Alan Bigger Many years ago while serving in the military I was exposed to a foreign concept, the "White Glove" inspection.  The purpose of the inspection by our military instructors was to determine if our rooms were clean.   In 1982, while working in a hospital, I learned from infection control practitioners that even though [...]

The 56 Best/Worst Similies

When we came across this post from a friend on Facebook, we though it was too priceless not to share: As submitted to the annual Washington Post contest over the years, and accumulated by journalist Bethany Amanda. Her eyes were like two brown circles with big black dots in the center. He was as tall as [...]

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