What House Cleaning Professionals Need to Know in a COVID-19 World Full Course

This class is designed to complement the basic knowledge we assume a house cleaning professional already has, giving them specific information they need in order to perform standard residential maintenance cleans in a safe and responsible way in a COVID-19 world. This course does not cover how to do bio-hazard jobs, nor is it a substitute for more comprehensive courses on the larger body of work covering what house cleaning professionals should know.

There is a test that participants can take at the end. A Certificate of Completion with their name will be provided with a passing grade.

Part I – Science

Part II – Practical Application

  1. What is Biohazard Recovery cleaning?
  2. What is COVID-19?
  3. Who may be at higher risk of complications from COVID-19?
  4. How does COVID-19 spread?
  5. What do we need to know before cleaning a home during the crisis?
  6. What tools break the chain of infection from COVID-19?
  7. What cleaning products break the chain of infection from COVID-19?
  8. What is a disinfectant?
  9. Do we need to kill all germs?
  1. What is a Scope of Work, and why is it important?
  2. How can we all stay safe?
  3. How do professional house cleaners stay safe?
  4. How do we break the chain of infection from COVID-19?
  5. How do we use the correct tools and products?
  6. How do we know when we have met the scope of work?
  7. How do we communicate the value we create?
  8. What do we do after meeting the scope of work?

“I cannot thank you, Tom or Liz, enough for providing this training. I am down 85% in residential cleans and 100% in vacation cleans. Because of this training and the certificate provided, I have gotten FOUR of my homeowners to come back so far. I cannot thank you guys enough. I will never forget what you’ve done for us.”

Mariah Brazil, A Clean Break LLC

“This course was incredible! I was having a lot of anxiety about going back in to our clients’ homes and this course has settled all those nerves! It is very educational, and they have laid it out in simple terms and processes. Can’t speak enough about this wonderful course! Thank you.”

Leah Moore, Thrive Plant Based Cleaning

“Tom and Liz, thank you. To those who are still considering, I urge you to take the course. It adds value to your business and through this course I have made informed changes to how I operate. I am confident in going back out and cleaning.”

Thelma Seymour, Seymour’s Cleaning