Engineered Water Alternatives

As science progresses, chemical-based cleaning is becoming a part of our past.  We are now seeing several chemical free cleaning alternatives becoming available.  Engineered water solutions are among the top on the list.  Ionized water and deionized water are two types of engineered water which utilize ONLY water, whereas, electrolyzed water and aqueous ozone are water based [...]

Being “Green” and “Eco-friendly” is More than Changing Your Cleaning Products

by CeCe Mikell, Marketing and Development If you aren’t currently, I encourage you to follow one of the most direct and least “catty” discussions on LinkedIn about “green cleaning solutions.” A simple question on the ISSA-The Worldwide Cleaning Association board started it: Any recommendations for a “green cleaning solution”? There are so many different types of cleaning [...]

Scare Tactic or New Status Quo: A Look at How Cleaning Chemicals are Affecting Your Body…and Your Life

It’s one thing for one cleaning company in the US to claim that the ingredients in your cleaning products are harmful, but you’d probably believe it if it was the front page expose in the Chicago Tribune, which is exactly what happened in May when investigative reporters Patricia Callahan and Sam Roe began a week-long series [...]

New Low-Impact Cleaning and Sanitizing Spray: GenEon Trio

As Activeion rocked the Chemical Free Cleaning world late last month, many cleaning companies who have built their low impact or chemical free cleaning methods around the hand-held sprayer began turning to each other asking: what else is there? What the Activeion Ionator brought to the home cleaning world (and to commercial and janitorial cleaning [...]

Video: Biofilm Formation

You know that smell that tells you something is rotten or growing mold? That’s a by-product of biofilm. When biofilm has grown large enough to be seen, it is usually described as a congealed or gelatin-like substance with an unpleasant odor. This video helps to show how biofilms form. Pay careful attention to the segment [...]

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In praise of germs: Why common bugs are necessary for kids

It may seem like we are contradicting ourselves by sharing this article, but, in fact, we completely agree that our bodies require contact with both health-empowering bacteria (like the flora needed for digestion) and immune-building bacteria…the stuff that makes us sick for a little while but stronger in the long run. In general, we agree [...]

Womens’ chemical exposure during pregnancy promotes obesity in daughters

Apr 19, 2012 Full Study: Halldorsson, TI, D Rytter, LS Haug, BH Bech, I Danielsen, G Becher, TB Henriksen and SF Olsen. 2012. Prenatal exposure to perfluorooctanoate and risk of overweight at 20 years of age: A prospective cohort study. Environmental Health Perspectives. Synopsis by Glenys Webster Women exposed while in the womb to low levels of [...]

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Liquid ozone offers sustainable, economical cleaning solution in Housing

Liquid ozone is one of the potentially more viable chemical free (or water only) cleaning options. Since the folding of Activeion Cleaning Solutions in late April 2012, more attention has been given to some of the alternative water-only cleaning solutions where either the science was not available or the delivery mechanism (i.e., the spray bottle) [...]

2012 EWG HALL OF SHAME: Is Your Favorite Cleaner on This List?

Environmental Working Group has made it its mission to bust open the secrecy of the chemical cleaning product industry: “ingredient labels are mandatory for food, cosmetics and drugs—but not for cleaners.” EWG recently released a preview of its upcoming EWG Cleaners Database, revealing shocking information about a number of the most common and most popular [...]

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Only 44 percent of American consumers trust companies’ green claims

So you think it’s the right marketing or philosophical choice to be a “green” cleaning company, but how do you know that the “green” products you use are effective at actually cleaning—removing contaminants? proven disinfectants—killing and/or removing 99.9% of specific bacteria and germs (keep in mind that the EPA will not register a disinfectant calling [...]

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