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A Message From Modern Cleaning

We got our start in the residential cleaning industry. Since 1994, we have performed over a quarter million home cleanings.   We knew early on that technology would help us grow our business.  Looking back, it’s kind of ironic that the one area of our business that was relatively untouched by technology was the way we cleaned.  While technology had changed almost every facet of our lives, we still cleaned the way our grandmothers did.  We believed there was a better way.

We started our journey by researching how technology was being used to clean.  We quickly learned that it’s easy for manufacturers to make claims, whether substantiated or not.  Since almost all of the information available on cleaning technology was coming from the manufacturers of cleaning products, we knew that the only way to find the better way was to evaluate these tools ourselves.

We have had the opportunity to evaluate just about every cleaning product to hit the market, with a focus on efficiency, low environmental impact cleaning, measurable end results, and value.  We’ve tested out a number of “natural” cleaning solutions, such as lemon juice and baking soda, and found this approach doesn’t effectively remove soil or kill germs.  We tried a number of “green” chemicals and found that for commercial cleaning, where janitors clean seven nights a week, these chemicals worked fine, but in a home environment, where cleanings are performed less frequently, these “green” cleaners weren’t up to the task.  We found that the chemicals that cleaned the best were the ones that would make you cough and your eyes water, and while there is still some debate on the adverse health effects of chemical cleaners, we knew we didn’t want to be exposed to such fumes on a daily basis, or have our cleaning technicians and clients exposed.

After years of research and evaluation, we now have the foundation of a chemical free cleaning system that we stand behind and recommend.  These tools complement each other, and when used together provide a thorough, sanitary, and eco-friendly result while greatly restricting the use of any chemical cleaning agents.  We will continue to research and offer a healthy and beneficial evolution to the process of cleaning as we all know it.

Chemical free cleaning is Cleaner.

Chemical free cleaning is Safer.

Chemical free cleaning is Greener.

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